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Vignoles – A Little Off-Dry; Not Really Sweet

Vignoles vines like our hot Missouri summers and 2008 was typical – hot, low rainfall, and humid. Some people enjoy “just sippin” Vignoles because of its fruity taste and after-taste hint of pineapples and pears. Vignoles is a gentle wine with its soft color and just enough acid to give it character. To most it is a little off-dry, but not really sweet. Be careful. This wine can become one of your favorites.

Following a hot, humid, and low rainful growing season the grapes produced a great plumpness and sugar content. The vines are relatively vigorous and upright with tight grape clusters. Our wine, with its soft color and just enough acid, has a pleasing, drinkable character and finish on your palate.

You’ll find Vignoles in the Midwest and Northeast regions of the United States. An adaptable grape comparable to Riesling and the wines of Germany’s Rhine Valley. Vignoles produces a clear and crisp off-dry flavor or a late-harvest sweet dessert wine. As the grape clusters hang their thick skins do not rot, as some other varietals do, becoming raisin-like if held for a late season harvest. We chose a straightforward off-dry wine highlighting the floral aroma and fruitiness of the Vignoles grape.

Vignoles pairs well with fish, lemon pepper chicken, white-sauce pastas, and spicy recipes such as those found in Asian cuisine. Nice match with soft cheeses such as Brie or Camembert. Works with fruit dishes, too.

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