“Sweet Talkin Blond” Traminette


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“Sweet Talkin Blond” Traminette White Wine

We constantly get requests for a “sweet white” wine. Somewhere in time the Sugar Fairy imbued many of us with a craving for a little bit sweeter wine. Now we will admit that sweet wines are not our favorites but we have come to respect those with a sweet tooth craving. We offer you our Sweet Talkin’ Blond Traminette.

Most people think of Traminette as a dry white and, generally, it has a low residual sugar content. We ferment ours down to a 5% residual sugar (instead of 1 – 2% for a dry wine), leaving just enough sweetness to qualify as a semi-sweet. Not too sweet – just enough to satisfy.

An off-dry white in the German Traminer style brings out a spice and floral aroma. Your taste buds will suggest apricots, passion fruit, and pears with an overall fruity taste. It’s a great summer wine served chilled.

Traminette pairs well with light, fine cheeses, white-sauce pastas and all kinds of vegetables. A nice complement to marinated pork tenderloin, roast chicken, turkey, veal, ham, and sausage. Works with fruit dishes, and spicy recipes, too.

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