“River Valley” White


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NY-76.0844.24 – Means Tasty and Clean

This wine is made from the NY-76.0844.24 grape, a hybrid of the Traminette and Ravel by Cornell University, and part of the Muscat family. It shows much promise for Midwest vineyards. The grape still bears the number given by the University. We know this: NY-76 grows well in Missouri and our River Valley White is a wonderful, fruity wine that is really good to drink.

We didn’t didn’t age this wine in oak barrels because we wanted to see what its pure taste would be without oaking. We fermented and aged this wine in stainless steel storage cylinders. You’ll get a clean finish with a slight aftertaste of pear that lingers for a few seconds.

From the first bouquet you know that this wine delivers a pleasing experience. There is an aroma of apples and a hint of pineapple. You’ll taste some pear and just the right balance of acids.

Our River Valley White goes well with white-sauce pastas and soft cheeses like Brie and Camembert. Try a strong cheese like Bleu or Stilton. You’ll find its nominal
sweetness stands up well to salty cheeses, too.

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