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Norton – The Flagship of Missouri Wines

Our Norton vines are found on the southwestern corner of the vineyard. They are the first vines we planted on our property just behind the wine tasting room, and up the slope facing towards the Missouri River valley. They receive the sun at dawn and throughout the day until late afternoon; the good life for grapes. The loamy, porous soil is well-suited for Norton vines.

The 2008 growing season began without drama. Our vines received sufficient moisture coming out of winter while the temperatures remained suited for budbreak in the month of April. Soil moisture held through spring bringing the hoped-for foliage growth. Ample sunshine with long spells of high humidity helped the formation of grape clusters, even ripening, and a well-paced harvest.

The Norton grape is the flagship of Missouri wines, and this is our first estate-bottled vintage. It is every bit the fine first vintage we thought it would be. We named it after the bikers that frequent the valley on weekends. The men (and women) that ride the hogs, rice-burners, and soft-tails seem to appreciate a good Norton, too. We ferment in stainless steel tanks, then age it in Missouri Oak barrels for a year to bring out the subtle layers of leather, cherry and plum. The tannins are low, and acidity is balanced for a bold mouth feel with a clean finish.

Perfect with your favorite steak or barbecue. You’ll enjoy this Norton with beef, lamb, and game dishes, too, especially those incorporating oregano, thyme, mushrooms, and black pepper.

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