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Chambourcin – G-R-E-A-T Missouri Table Wine

Chambourcin is a French hybrid that grows well in the hot Missouri summers. It produces a rich red wine that is not too heavy and very versatile. The hardiness of the grape is evident by large, long clusters of deep purple grapes that hang beautifully on the vine. The wine has depth without the complexity of a Norton grape. The result is a moderately tannic, cherry-plum scented wine that goes down easily with a nice finish.

Our vineyard produces a bounty of about eight (8) tons of Chambourcin grapes. We sell off some of the harvest to other wineries. After harvesting we leave it on the lees about 30 days before pressing to extract as much of the flavor and tannins from the grape as possible. Then we age in our Missouri oak barrels for a year or more.

Many people compare Chambourcin with Pinot Noir, but this is a true Missouri wine. Such comparisons are not of much help. You’ll like the plum, cherry, and fig undertones, and the drinkable texture of the wine. It has a good finish, and the tannins often found in reds are manageable and add to the flavor.

One word – versatility; our Chambourcin goes with meat, fish, and poultry. We like it with red pasta, pizzas, and barbecue, too. Try it, you’ll like it.

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