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Edelweiss – The Rhine Valley Shines Through

This wine is from a relatively new grape to Missouri – the Edelweiss. It was developed by Elmer Swenson, Legendary vinicultural expert with the University of Minnesota in 1980. It is a cold, hardy grape that does well in the Missouri River Valley and it taste every bit the white wine we hoped it would be.

The grapes are picked young, usually in early August.. We crush the grapes the same day picked, and fermentation begins within a day or so of the harvest. The result is an Austrian style wine similar to Gruner Veltliner.

Edelweiss is the result of hybridizing the Ontario and Minnesota 78 white strains. With a cold resistance to -30 degrees the thought was this grape would grow well in the North Central U.S. Well, it does and even into Canada. At the same time, with more mild winters in Missouri the Edelweiss vines thrives. With a solid resistance to disease the Edelweiss is an overall great grape to grow, harvest, and consume in Missouri.

Our Edelweiss is off-dry with tones of peach and pineapple, a slightly acidic finish, and good after-taste. It goes well with summer fare, fruits, crackers cheeses, and sausages.

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