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“Tickle Your Nose” with Compass Rose

I had a sailboat once. She was named the “Compass Rose” after my favorite bar in the world, the Compass Rose in the St. Francis Hotel on Union Square in San Francisco. On one occasion, at the Compass Rose, a friend ordered Rose. I tried it. I didn’t know much about Rose at the time. It was a pink dry wine that tickled my nose and went down easy.

Made with the finest Missouri Chambourcin grapes. Crushed and pressed same day picked to get the freshest juice. We use French yeast. We age the wine in stainless tanks for less than a year, that’s all it needs.

Back to the story. I was a red wine drinker, and Rose seemed a little lifeless compared to a big red. Over the years I have come to respect the makers of Rose. It’s a process that bears constant watching by the winemaker. You can make it dry or sweet depending on your preference. But the floavors… ahh, oh the flavors. There are no two alike. It’s what brought me back to Rose time after time.

You will particularly enjoy our dry Rose with rich, cheesy food dishes. Think of baked Italian cheese sandwiches, mushroom Quiche, Rosemary flatbread with bleu cheese, grapes, and honey as well as a BLT sandwich, and quesadillas.

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