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Chardonnay – the French Burgandy Way

High in the coastal range near the Pacific in a cloudy valley some of the best Chardonnay grapes in America grow plump and sweet. Their sugar content makes for a great fermentation to a dry, fruity pleasing wine. We think you’ll like this lightly-oaked version of Chardonnay. The buttery flavors come through with a burst of pear and butterscotch.

2007 was a year to remember. The April freeze devasted our vineyards, and we lost over 50% of our grapes. Nature’s “kiss” was a blessing and a curse. Nothing saddens a winemaker more than watching helplessly as the buds on your wines freeze and die on the vines. The blessing is that we got to try some grapes grown elsewhere, and make wines we never had access to in the past. Such is the case with Cloudy Valley Chardonnay.

This grape’s use to make the French Burgandy is its most historic notoriety. The adaptability of this grape to the California climate(s) in the 1970s produced plump, ripe grapes and large-scale methods giving rise to its ubiquity as America’s most drinked wine, albeit a big, sweet and less expensive wine. Ours, on the other hand, takes the more subtle path, with a restraint and finesse found in the great Chardonnays.

Chardonnay is a light buttery wine. Avoid the acidity of tomatoes. Go for provolone, Gruyere, and mild cheddar cheeses. Enjoy with seafood. Pair with main dishes featuring cream sauce (pork, shrimp, and chicken) and desserts of mango, pineapple, and honeydew.

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