“Rosso Dolce” Sweet Red


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Rosso Dolce – That’s Italian for Sweet Red

With a residual sugar content of 8% this deep red wine will satisfy your desire for a smooth, rich sweet red that you can drink anytime. Think of it as our “chocolate wine”; the perfect companion for dark creamy high-cacao content chocolate, or a piece of apple pie. It’s the kind of wine your Aunt Elaina from Italy used to make – bold, yet gently sweet to the taste after dinner.

Made with the finest Missouri Chambourcin grapes laden with free-run juice. Crushed and pressed same day picked to get the freshest juice. We use French yeast. Aunt Elaina would be envious. We age the wine in stainless tanks for over a year.

The Chambourcin grapes give this wine a strong balance of robust flavors with a sweet finish. It’s full-bodied composition sits gently on your palate and while we give it the Italian treatment the classic origins of the Chambourcin grape certainly gives it a more regal bearing among sweet reds that you’ll drink.

The wine is full-bodied, fruity with a rich palate and a sweet finish; an excellent accompaniment to dark chocolate treats, desserts, and interestingly, grilled meats.

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